Developing Rock Paper Scissors Game using Java

In this example we are going to develop a Rock Paper Scissors Game using Java. Developing games while learning java enhances our programming skills.

Rock Paper Scissors Java Code

 The Rule of the Game are as follows:

  1. Rock beats Scissors.
  2. Scissors beats Paper.
  3. Paper beats Rock.
  4. Who ever wins 5 times first is the Winner.
  5. In this example the game will be between a user and the computer.

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Steps of the Rock Paper Scissors Java Program

  1. We will create a class that represents the user who is going to play the game with the computer.
  2. The class represents the Computer that is playing with the user.
  3. is a helper class containing the Rock Paper Scissor constant variables and the business logic code.
  4. is the class containing the main function where the program execution will begin.
  5. We will ask the user to enter his name. Then select one among ROCK PAPER SCISSORS.
  6. Then we will let the computer randomly select ROCK PAPER SCISSORS.
  7. We will use the business logic function to find out who wins. And every time we will display the selections made and who won.
  8. The can decide to end the game any time.
  9. We will keep a track of who wind 5 times first. And then display the winner. will represent the User playing with the computer. will represent the computer that is playing with the user. is a helper class containing constants and business logic. contains the main method. This is the starting point of program execution.

Output of the Rock Paper Scissors Java Game

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Download Java Source Code for Rock Paper Scissor Game

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