Question 1:  Can An Online Training Be Equivalent to Face-to-Face Training?
Answer: Yes. I challenge it can be better then face to face if done the proper way. With various desktop sharing tools and video conferencing tools available it becomes very easy and makes my students feel as if I am sitting by their side and guiding them in every step on his own computer. Students can easily sit in their home and take the lessons without wasting their precious time in to and fro motion to the center. When I teach I come to the level of the student and try to teach him the way he will understand. I am very versatile. There are some students who want to complete java even in 7 days and others want to go in details with 30 days class. Till date all my students are satisfied with my service. You may read some testimonials provided by my students. I guarantee you will also want to join the program after taking a demo class from me.

Question 2: Who takes the class?
Answer: Yes I personally take the classes.

Question 3: What are the available time for Training?
Answer: My Students are from all over the world with different time zones. I take classes from 4 am IST till 11 pm IST.