Angular 2 Training Online

Angular 2 Personalized Online Training is provided by Angular 2 is Google’s most popular MV* JavaScript framework for building web applications. It is built and maintained by dedicated Google engineers. Angular helps to make your front end development as easy as possible. There are lot of works and jobs available in Angular.


Angular 2 Introduction

Structure of an Angular application.
Selecting a language.
Selecting an Editor.
Setting up the Environment.

Components in Angular 2

What is a component?
Creating a component class.
Defining metadata with a decorator.
Importing what we need.
Bootstrapping our base component.

Template Interpolation and Directives

Binding with Interpolation.
Using *ngIf
Using *ngFor

Data Binding

One way Data binding.
Two way data binding.
Property Binding
Handling Events
Handling Inputs

Using Pipes in Angular

Transforming data with Pipes
Currency Pipe
Date Pipe
Lower Case Upper Case Pipe

Nested Components

Building a Nested Component
Using a Nested Component
Using @Input
Using @Output

Working with Services

Building a Service
Registering the Service
Injecting the Service

Navigation and Routing

How Routing works.
Configure Routes
Routes to Actions
Passing parameter to Route.

Modules in Angular 2

What is Angular Module?
Declaration array.
Imports Array.

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