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If you want an Online Java Tutor for Ap Computer Science you are in the right place. Private 1 to 1 Online Ap Computer Science  classes is provided here.Ap Computer Science Tutor

I am a 15 Yrs experienced Java trainer and developer, and guide students online through skype and team viewer. 

About Ap Computer Science A

Advanced Placement Computer Science A is also called AP Comp Sci or AP Comp Sci A or  APCS  or AP Java. This examination is offered by the College Board to high school students as an opportunity to earn college credit, which is used to get admission in a college-level computer science course.

AP Computer Science A is equivalent to a first-semester course in computer science. The AP exam tests students on their knowledge of Java.

Ap Computer Science A Topics

These are the java concepts that should be understood properly for Ap Computer Science A

Data Types
Classes and Objects
Boolean Expressions and if Statements
Looping Iteration using for loops, while loops and do while loops
Using Static keyword
Packages and Interfaces
Exception Handling
Collection Framework

Most of the students taking Ap Computer Science put time mostly in assignments, without having knowledge in basic java. If one is good in core java concepts, it will be easy in solving the assignments as well.

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