How to become a good Teacher

We all know the importance of teachers in our life. Each one of us must have come across some ideal teachers whom we would remember for a life time. To become such a teacher is no easy job. A famous quote says “A good teacher is like a candle-it consumes itself to light the way for others.” For a teacher his student should come before himself. The work of a teacher is to bring out the full potential of his students.

To become a good or a perfect teacher not only requires professional attributes but also personal attributes. The type of person also matters to be a good teacher. Let us compare a teacher to a gardener. Teacher cares and provides knowledge to his students and a gardener cares and provides water and proper nourishment for his plants. After a period of proper care and nourishment the plants bears beautiful flowers and fruits and then everyone says “what a gardener” and he feels proud of it. Likewise by getting the guidance of a good teacher the students who utilize the knowledge properly shine out and the teacher feels proud.

Qualification, Experience and Command over the subject

A teacher should have a clear understanding of the subject to be taught and should be qualified in that area. He should be sufficiently experienced as this involvement and exposure will polish a good teacher to be an expert in his subject.

A Good Teacher should be a Perfect Communicator

A good teacher should have good communication skills. He should have perfect command over the language, right combination of words and perfect examples to make his knowledge transferable to his students. He should try to find out what interests his students and should communicate in that manner. He should have a sense of humor so that his students don’t get bored.

Time Management

He should be a good time manager himself and should try to make his student understand the importance of time, planning and executing. All these leads to better performances and also due importance is given to all necessary aspects as a result of proper time management.

Non Discrimination

For a teacher all students should be alike and there should not be any discrimination for any reason. Even students should not be discriminated on the basis of IQ. To be a good teacher means you should have the capacity to make your student use his full potential. We all know that all students are not alike. It is very easy to make front benchers understand and most of the teachers can do it with ease but a good teacher is the one who has the ability to make the last benchers understand. He should be friendly and should care for each and every student of his.

A Good Teacher should be Affectionate

A good teacher should live in the world of his students. The student should feel at ease with his teacher. The relation of a teacher and student should be like the relation of a mother to her child. Pure love and care for the student is a must to be a good teacher. I have been an online java tutor since long. And due to this quality my students love me a lot. The success of a teacher is in the success of his students.

Patience and Calmness

A good teacher should have these qualities. No matter how difficult it is to explain inattentive students a good teacher should take it as a challenge and should try different methods to make his student come to the track. He should experiment different teaching strategies according to the needs of his students. Sometimes irritating situations may arise which may force the teacher to lose temper. But he should have full control over him to handle such situations without losing his calm.

A Good Teacher should Encourage Students

A good teacher should never discourage his students. Constant encouragement from the teacher nurtures the student. A good teacher should try to focus on the positive qualities of his students and should praise him on these aspects rather than discouraging on his negative aspects.

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